In IgA Nephropathy and FSGS

Proteinuria Could Be Putting Your Patients at High Risk

Proteinuria is a key prognostic indicator and driver of progression in both IgA nephropathy and FSGS1-8

Proteinuria perpetuates a cycle of kidney fibrosis, as proximal tubular reabsorption of excess protein contributes to tubulointerstitial injury4-8

Reduction in proteinuria results in decrease in glomerular pressure and reduction of podocyte damage.1

Lower proteinuria levels are critical to preserving kidney function1,2,9-12


IgA nephropathy
Downward pointing arrows to signify the importance of lowering proteinuria to targeted levels
<1.0 g/d
Downward pointing arrows to signify the importance of lowering proteinuria to targeted levels
<1.5 g/ga
Achieving these targeted proteinuria goals correlates with extended kidney survival

aFSGS partial remission threshold defined as <1.5 g/g with a 40% reduction from baseline.

Evidence-based thresholds translate to clinically meaningful treatment goals

Despite receiving standard-of-care treatment, many patients face a poor prognosis due to elevated proteinuria levels, making the need for novel medications urgent.

FSGS=focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; IgA=immunoglobulin A.


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